Important update – retirement of remaining Flash content on MyiMaths

As many of you will be aware, Adobe announced some time ago that they will be withdrawing support for Flash Player at the end of December 2020. This post outlines how your MyiMaths subscription will be affected.

As any long-term user of MyiMaths will remember, MyiMaths was originally built in Flash. But following a huge conversion project over several years, most of the bespoke teaching content in MyiMaths is now built in HTML.

Aside from making the lessons and homework activities accessible on tablet devices, this also means that the vast majority of content on MyiMaths will be unaffected by the Flash Player’s end-of-life.

Which pieces of MyiMaths content are still Flash-based?

Some revision lessons, online worksheets, games and a few tools are still Flash-based. We have put together a spreadsheet detailing our plans for each individual piece of content that is currently still Flash-dependent. As you will see, we have already provided alternatives to many of these and we have set plans to replace some others.

However, there is some content that will now be retired from MyiMaths when Flash support comes to an end. Many of these activities are ‘legacy’ content that has already been archived in preparation for retirement from the platform.

Additionally, 26 games will be retired from MyiMaths. The concepts that these games address are comprehensively covered in the wide range of MyiMaths learning materials. Also, the new games we have recently launched (with more currently in development) continue to focus in on specific mathematical concepts, presenting students with greater opportunities for demonstrating success in maths.

New Flash-free games and tools

In case you missed our previous announcements, in May 2020 the Flash-dependent ‘Toolkit’ was replaced with a new ‘Tools’ area on MyiMaths, and some Flash activities that were previously accessed from the ‘Games’ area have already been updated in HTML and moved to the various ‘activities’ areas, to better reflect the nature of these pieces of content.

Five of our most popular games have already been updated in HTML with different age-appropriate versions for our primary and secondary subscriptions. We hope your students are already enjoying these!

Download the full list of content affected by Flash’s end-of-life