Saving student's progress in MyiMaths

Following customer feedback, we have now added the ability for students to save work they have started on MyiMaths and return to complete it at a later date.

When students log in to their MyPortal and open a homework or worksheet, they will now see a ‘Save’ button in the top right hand side of the screen.

Screen shot of MyiMaths - Save button

MyiMaths - Save button

Screenshot of MyiMaths - Saved for one week message

MyiMaths - Saved for one week message

Clicking on this button will save any answers a student has entered for up to a week.

Within that week students can return to the activity at any time and can choose to continue the work they have started. So, if they start a homework activity on a Monday, they can return to the same activity the next day and their previous work will have been saved.

Students can also choose to restart the activity. Restarting the activity will clear any previously saved answers and provide a fresh set of questions for the student to complete.

Screenshot of MyiMaths – Restart activity

MyiMaths – Restart activity

A student will still need to click on ‘Mark it’ once they complete the homework so their final marks are sent to their teachers.

We hope these changes provide an improved user experience for your students. We welcome any feedback on how we can further improve your experience with MyiMaths.

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