Meet the team - Marianne

Hi, my name is Marianne and I work as the International Digital Consultant on the MyiMaths team.

How I got to where I am today?

I started delivering online platform training when I worked as a Travel Manager for a large Pharmaceutical company. This was part of a wider role but I enjoyed training staff more than anything else. From working in business travel I took the leap across to publishing 2 ½ years ago where I initially worked as an advisor on the OUP international sales team speaking to maths teachers around the globe about their challenges delivering maths courses. During conversation we often discuss issues around ‘lack of engagement’, ‘need for differentiation’ and ‘lack of time, having to do marking at the weekends’. So when I explained how they would benefit from the MyiMaths features I had a string of schools keen to sign up, as they felt it would help them with many of these issues.

About my role within the MyiMaths Team?

Now for over a year I have been part of the MyiMaths and Kerboodle support teams (Kerboodle is our other very popular online teaching, learning and assessment service which works alongside our OUP course textbooks) delivering general training sessions, answering functionality questions and also delivering 1:1 webinars for subscribing teachers. My number one question is always: “Have you visited our support site?’ You don’t even need to login - just go to MyiMaths and select Help at the very bottom of your screen. This is also where you can sign-up to my webinars!” So now you know!

I enjoy developing the personal relationship with teachers. The fact that I engage with many maths teachers and their issues seem to have a beneficial effect overall. So if you are a maths teacher who wants to know more about any aspect of subscribing to MyiMaths or platform functionality I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me via