MyiMaths and Tablet Computers

Some MyiMaths users have been asking us how to use the site on iPads and other tablets. While MyiMaths works on some tablets, if you’ve tried it yourself you’ve probably found it doesn’t work as well as you’d like it too. We know how frustrating this is (we’re frustrated too) so we’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting MyiMaths working properly on a wide range of tablets. It’s been important to us to do this properly, so we’re working through each piece of content and rewriting it to work as well on a tablet as it does on a laptop.

Over the next few months, we’ll be bringing more and more of our functionality to tablets. From September, browsing the curriculum, setting work and seeing results will all work on your device (parents and pupils can see work set and results too). We’ll also start making our teaching and homework content available on tablets. It won’t all be ready at once, but we hope there’ll soon be enough to get your students using MyiMaths on their tablets.

We’re excited about this: not just because we’ll soon be working on many more devices, but because it’s been a chance to take a look at other parts of the MyiMaths experience. Before we started rewriting the site, we talked to lots of teachers and students about what they liked and disliked, and what features they’d like to see introduced. We’ve taken the opportunity to include as many of these improvements as we can, while keeping everything that has made MyiMaths the trusted site it is.

We’re really looking forward to sharing more information with you soon!

28/6/2013 – When we wrote this post, we expected that tablet functionality would be ready as soon as teaching begins in August and September 2013. Unfortunately, and in the interests of making sure our new developments are fully tested, we’ve had to push that date back a bit. We’ll make sure we keep you informed. This won’t delay the arrival of new teaching content in the new school year.

We’ve included some common questions and answers below. If you have any further questions, just contact us at

Q. What’s the problem?

MyiMaths, like lots of online educational software, is written using a technology called Flash. The plug-in is found in nearly 100% of web browsers on desktop and laptops; and it gives consistent results whether our activities are running on Mac, PC or Linux. Unfortunately, tablet computers often either don’t support Flash, or don’t support it very well.

There are a few other problems too: lots of MyiMaths is interactive, and we have to make sure this stays easy to use on the tablet. For example, it’s very common for a website to use mouseover interactions. But most tablets can’t distinguish a mouseover from a click. Then there’s the question of size – can you reliably find and click a small button on the tablet, even if it was easy using a mouse on your PC?

Q. What are you doing about it?

First of all, we’ve been rebuilding the website so that it no longer depends on Flash. This work is nearly done, and we’ll soon be able to share it with you. From this point, every type of administration will become possible on your tablet. You’ll be able to manage students, set work, see results, give feedback and so on. Students too will be able to see work set, browse the site, see their results and leave feedback.

Meanwhile, we’re working on the content. We will start by making available a number of lessons and homeworks in tablet-compatible versions; and we will add to these periodically. All new content from now on will work on tablets immediately.

Q. Will this disrupt my teaching?

We certainly hope not! We’re taking care to keep all the features in the current version of the site. On the other hand, the newly programmed site will be easier for us to maintain, so the whole experience should be smoother.