MyiMaths is a fully interactive, online learning website for Secondary students aged 11-18. Used by 4 million learners in over 70 countries, MyiMaths is trusted by teachers around the world to strengthen results and engagement.

Written by practising mathematics teachers, MyiMaths continually listens to teachers and responds to their needs. MyiMaths has evolved over the years so that it now offers everything you need to teach effective mathematics lessons for all ages and abilities.

Interactive lessons, worksheets and mathematical games are linked to a powerful Assessment Manager system that allows you to track progress effectively.

International curricula

MyiMaths allows teachers and students to easily view and access resources that are suitable for the following international curriculas:

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary
  • Cambridge IGCSE®
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level
  • Edexcel International GCSE
  • Edexcel International AS & A Level
  • MYP
  • IB DP Standard Level
  • IB DP Higher Level
  • IB DP Studies Standard Level
  • Oxford AQA International GCSE (Core)
  • Oxford AQA International GCSE (Extended)

Looking for UK National Curriculum resources for ages 11-18?

Visit MyMaths.co.uk to find out about our site that’s matched to the UK National Curriculum for ages 11-18.

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In our experience, learners typically find it easier to understand mathematics if a teacher has more time to focus on the class, rather than spending time illustrating concepts on the board.

The MyiMaths animations, tools and randomized questions help you demonstrate concepts more effectively. Students can also access these lessons from home for revision.



Continually assess your students’ understanding and progress with online homework tasks that complement every lesson.

These resources use randomly generated numbers, so every time you go back to a task, the questions change. This makes our Online Homework realistic and rigorous, as students are challenged every time they attempt a task.


Assessment is at the heart of MyiMaths. Automarked, homework activities provide an opportunity for formative assessment, with results fed through instantly to the Assessment Manager.


  • The Assessment Manager is a powerful system used to track individual pupils’ progress, and monitor and assess classes
  • A traffic light system is used to see at a glance if a student is on track to reach his or her goal
  • Teachers can quickly identify areas of weakness
  • Comments can be added to encourage and direct pupils to appropriate work
  • Students and parents can check progress online through the student’s login



Booster Packs are stand-alone blocks of work targeted at specific achievement boundaries, for example getting from an A to an A*. Certain packs include exam style questions, to build assessment confidence. Others have an emphasis on consolidation and practice, through mathematical games.

Many teachers find these packs helpful for increasing their students’ confidence in mathematics, particularly around exam time.



At MyiMaths we believe students should be fully engaged whilst learning and practising mathematical skills. MyiMaths includes games and activities that enable students to consolidate their learning effectively.

For even more stimulation and interaction, our range of multi-player games enables users to play against other students around the world.


The maths teachers at ISL are loving MyiMaths

It has made the administration of homework so much easier and allowed us to concentrate on the classroom and target individual needs. Already we have seen a correlation with the students who are using MyiMaths effectively and performance on in-class summative assessments.

Phil Bennett, Academic Lead for Mathematics, International School of Luxembourg

How could we ever have done without it?

My colleagues and I have been very impressed this first year with your site, both in terms of lessons and homework tasks.

Marco Gemelli, Head of Mathematics, St George’s British International School, Italy

What is good about the site? The list is almost endless.

The lessons, the homework tasks, the assessment, the instant feedback for students, specific lessons on topics, the variation in material, the games. The most important aspect I suppose is that students can access material at any time, on any topic, at any level. This is really helping students gain an understanding of topics that they find difficult in the classroom environment.

Paul Robinson, Shrewsbury International School, Thailand

The results have been excellent!

I’ve been using the programme a bit with a Year 11 low ability class, a Year 12 middle ability class and a Year 9 lower end class – and it was successful in all cases. My Year 11 class is a ‘targeted class’ in that the students in it are at risk of dropping out of the education system if not given extra support. The pass rates and attendance in this class have doubled since tempting them with MyiMaths.

Robyn Deverall, Hutt Valley High School, New Zealand

Teachers and students love using it

We really like MyiMaths and have created an account for every student. Both teachers and students really enjoy using it.

Cristina Marascu, Head of Mathematics, International British School of Bucharest

It works for all age groups!

I have used MyiMaths with students from lower levels, through to IB and A Level. I have used it for whole class interactive teaching, as I find the diagrams are very clear. I have used it with groups of students or whole classes for classwork, practising skills. I have also used it for independent work for students as I have found the explanations accessible to students, and I like how the student is involved in the development of a skill or concept. It is a wonderful resource!

Dr Fiona Thangata, High School Mathematics teacher, International School of Kenya

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